A Scrooge and Marley Christmas Carol

By Rene Guerrero, Director of A Scrooge and Marley Christmas Carol

(The following are the director’s notes from our program.)

‘Tis the season to don your Gay Apparel and put on your Jingle Bells!  This has been a process of dreams.  A DREAM.  Over a year ago, I had a dream to use the beautiful story of emotional transformation contained in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to tell the simple story with a “twist” and place the focus on love and the crippling effects of the inability to express or receive love. What if Ebenezer Scrooge has lived a lie and has become a cruel, empty, loveless man as a result of his own fears and societal pressures, leading to his repressed identity and the inability to express his true feeling for his partner Jacob Marley? Doesn’t everyone deserve a ”Second Chance at Love?” That was the premise.

Then, in the middle of the rehearsal process, the “It Gets Better” project made headlines and made me and the world take notice of the number of closeted and openly gay teens who had committed suicide because of senseless and cruel harassment and bullying.  The thousands of “It Gets Better” videos appeared like ghosts of the past, present and future in a dream to encourage our youth to be strong and be brave and know that they are not alone.  A DREAM.  Do you ever stop to think about the road not taken? Do you honor the little moments that change your life and the lives of everyone around you? What if you were given the gift of being able to see what might have been or what might be?  Would it make you appreciate what you have or inspire you to change your path?

May life give us the insight and strength to follow the golden rule and treat everyone with respect and honor.  May we also have the wisdom to know that every moment can change the world.  Be open to the possibilities of life and love. A DREAM: Peace.



About knightsbridgela

My name is Mark Petrie, and I've been a member of the Knightsbridge Theatre of Los Angeles since 2007. The Knightsbridge and the National American Shakespeare Company stage innovative new looks at classical plays, as well as the best of contemporary drama, musicals and new works.
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